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Acquarella Nail Polish comes in a variety of subtle and vibrant colors.  Find the color that works for you from the list below.


Note: These bottles and swatches are an approximate representation of their color.
Due to the variance in computer monitors these samples may not be exact.


Hazard is a vibrant opaque creme orange (not neon), that screams caution!

If you love brighter colors for summer, check out the beautiful blue of Mahalo

Livid is a bright, orange based red. Our solution to anger management.

For a more blue based red, take a look at our color Plasma.


Pomegranate is a delicious, opaque rusty red.

For a more vivid red, take a look at Livid.

Plasma is a vivid red creme (blue-based) that screams fire.

For an orange based red creme, take a look at Livid.

Valour is deep, red creme with a beautiful shimmer, a galant color for a night on the town!

If you love Plasma, but wanted some glitter - this polish for you.

Vixen is a deep, lustrous burgundy creme. It's ideal for a night on the town.

For a darker purple creme, take a look at Vamp.

Hot Chocolate
Hot Chocolate is a rich, opaque brown with a sultry copper metallic. Like it's namesake - cozy, warm and satisfying.

For a pure copper creme metallic, take a look at our new color Smelted.

Smelted is the opaque copper metallic. Radiant and distinctively impressive for the holiday season.

For a translucent copper shimmer, take a look at our color Sparkling Cider.

Winsome is an opalescent purple with copper metallic. Deep and inviting for the innocent nail.

Vamp is an opaque, royal purple. A color to sink your teeth into!

For a dark burgundy creme, take a look at Vixen.

Star Spangled
Star Spangled is a royal blue metallic perfect for a cool night on the town.

Incognito is a deep, navy blue creme that's impossible to conceal its beauty.

Void is a deep, opaque black. A sleek and seductive color for the taboo in you.

Vex is an exceptional, charcoal metallic perfect for those looking for spicy midnight.

For a sleek, pure black look at Void, our black creme.


Wicked is a vivid, green metallic that for those times when you feel mischievous.

Mahalo is a brilliant opaque Hawaiian ocean blue. Your toes and fingers will say Mahalo.

An opaque metallic that looks golden on the nail!

For a more translucent shimmer with similar tones, take a look at our popular color Sparkling Cider.

 Sparkling Cider
Sparkling Cider is a translucent copper shimmer. A bubbly toast to any occasion!

For a lavender base with shimmer, take a look at Quinceanera.

A translucent mid-tone beige that's all the rage. It's like French Vanilla with a bit more brown hue.

Bikini is a semi-translucent with an opulent, natural peach hue. More fun than going nude!

For a pink translucent hue, take a look at French Kiss or for a translucent peach hue, take a look at French Vanilla.

Bliss is a transparent peach hue shimmer, the sparkling complement to French Vanilla.

If you love French Vanilla, but wanted some glitter - this polish for you.

French Vanilla
French Vanilla is translucent peach hue that's perfect by itself or for use in French manicures.

For a translucent peach with shimmer, take a look at Bliss or for a semi-translucent peach hue, take a look at Bikini.

 French White
French White is our pure white for french manicure tips.

For a complete french Manicure, take a look at French KissFrench Vanilla or Bliss.

Celestial is a silver shimmer translucent with a hint of whiteness. Bright like stars in the sky on a clear night!

 French Kiss
French Kiss is a purplish, pink hued translucent perfect by itself or for use in French manicures.

For a semi-translucent peach hue, take a look at Bikini and for a translucent peach hue, take a look at French Vanilla.

Note: French Kiss appears darker in bottle due to its translucency.

Quinceanera is a splash of lavender in a semi-translucent shimmer. Be the queen of your 15 year-old dream.

An subtle opaque, lavender grey with a hint of shimmer. A perfect, light color for summer.

Back by popular demand, we've reinvigorated this semi-opaque, vibrant coral. Just like the back of your antique cameo with a bit more hotness!

Prissy is our opaque, hot pink. Think of it as pink for the saucy!

For softer, more translucent pinks, take a look at either Pink A Boo or Tickle Me.

Aristo is dark translucent rose pink. Perfect for a regal gala.

For a deep burgundy creme red, take a look at Vixen.

Brave is an opaque, dusty pink - a softer, shade of cherry blossom for a classy look!

 Pink A Boo
Pink A Boo is a sleek, translucent, cotton candy pink.

For a lighter, satin semi-opaque pink with shimmer, take a look at Demure.

Note: Pink A Boo appears darker in bottle due to its translucency.

 Tickle Me
Tickle Me is a shimmery, semi-translucent, ballet slipper pink. A color to tickle your fancy.

For a more translucent pink without shimmer, take a look at Pink A Boo.

Demure is lighter semi-opaque satin pink. Only thing understated is its impact.

For a slightly darker pink shimmer, take a look at Tickle Me.
Kaydee is a transparent pink hue shimmer, the sparkling complement to French Kiss.

If you love Bliss, but wanted it pink - this polish is for you. It was so popular as our limited edition color, we're keeping it around in memoriam of an Acquarella co-founder who lost their battle with cancer.